Other Charityware

Here are some fine Charityware and Careware products:

Charity-ware.org – not a product but a portal for accessing many charityware products.  Their mission is to promote the use of charity-ware by creating a central location where socially-minded consumers can download charity-ware created by philanthropic software developers from around the world.

Spades – The popular card game for windows. Proceeds go to Covenant House. Many, many options and rule variations.

The Careware Project – DOS programs and Java Applets that generate graphic images.   Proceeds go to UNICEF.

Arachnophilia – a rather nice Web page editor and workshop.

HowLongToGo – HowLongToGo is a very simple yet powerful application for PalmOS devices, designed especially for people with children. It calculates the number of days to go to up to five events – ideal for answering questions like “How Long To Go ’til my birthday?” It’s even easy enough for a child of four to use!  Each event is saved and the number of days to go is updated automatically each time the application is run.  Proceeds go to Frieth CEC School, Bucks, UK